What is Window Film?

Window film is a thin layer of style, protection & energy efficiency that fits like a second skin to step up your glass game. It’s the only addition you need to make your windows start working in ways you may not have known was even possible.

From your home, office and automobile, to anywhere in between, window film will transform, expand, and elevate your glass surroundings to better suit your real life.

Our goal is to provide and install film that fits your aesthetic, to regulate, transform, protect & secure the glass that surrounds you.

Nothing brightens your home like natural sunlight. But that sunlight comes at a cost. Your rooms become uncomfortably hot. Your furniture, flooring and artwork begin to fade. Your energy bills skyrocket. Even your privacy and security can be compromised. Now here’s the good news: One ultra-thin, practically invisible layer of window film is all you need to save money, preserve your furnishings and even protect your family from intruders. Sunshine was meant to be free - so stop paying for it! If you live on Northern Vancouver Island, including Nanaimo, Parksville, the Comox Valley and Campbell River, Safe and Sound Window Film can help you eliminate the hidden costs.

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As a team, we’re as transparent as our films are, with strong values that are built-to-last, just like our wide selection of products. We’ve been creating a history together for over 30 years, servicing Canada from coast-to-coast while revealing the story of who we are with every project we complete.

We’re in this business because we believe that window film is an ingenious system to provide all professions and industries with, due to its natural ability to raise your glass-enclosed spaces from an investment to a serious asset.

We’re out to protect your settings, to promote your energy efficiency and to simply present your windows to the world in a way that will make them stop and stare.

When considering a service company;

  • Choose a team that will be with you from start to finish
  • Choose a team that offers ongoing service
  • Choose a team that sees the value in your business

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  • 99 %
UV LIGHT PROTECTION Block over 99% of harmful UV
  • 40 %
ENERGY COST SAVINGS Save up to 25% on your annual energy bills
  • 85 %
GLARE REDUCTION Reduce bothersome glare up to 85%
  • 100 %
STRENGTHEN YOUR WINDOWS Up to 300% stronger and make them completely shatterproof