The switchable smart film offers the perfect solution for retrofit installations. The switchable smart film comes complete with a self-adhesive static cling liner meaning the film can be installed to glass in minutes.

By controlling the ON-OFF switch, it can turn glass from transparent to opaque, and back again in milliseconds. This privacy on demand characteristic enables it to a wide range of applications in commercial entertainment, store windows, partitions, medical centers to residential no curtain look without losing any privacy.


Blinds and other partitions need to be cleaned and sterilized on a frequent basis to minimize the presence of viruses. Microorganisms are simply not an option when it comes to operating wards. Smart Film used in Hospitals presents a cost effective solution.

From privacy partitions to helping nurses to keep more effective watch over their patients without disturbing them when installed as a partition between the patient room and hallway.


Smart Film on glass walls allows you to maintain the open office setting but gives you the flexibility to create needed privacy at the flip of a switch

Switchable film (also known as smart film) offers a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy film making it the ideal choice for commercial installations. The self-adhesive layer means that it can be installed on existing glass – so no need for expensive window or partition replacement.


Creative alternative for designers – Allows architects, interior designers and contractors to provide creative design concepts by creating multifunctional spaces and redefining environments.

UV and heat protection – Blocks more than 98% of UV rays and approximately up to 60% of heat.

Living rooms, veranda windows, entrances, balconies: by having Smart film in a room you can easily enjoy both openness and private space. In addition, it can be employed as a screen for a home theatre in a room with a beam projector.

Control skylight light levels manually or automatically.


Smart Films are also used for advertising purposes at various shows, exhibitions and presentations, where it is utilised as a switchable projection screen. Smart film can be used as a switchable projection screen on a store window for advertising. By installing Smart Film on the glass panels of a store, you are effectively turning these panels into a huge display, thus allowing product showcasing, and advanced customer targeting. Smart film is good for both front and rear projection, and projected images can be viewed from both sides.

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