Bird Film for Commercial Buildings

Bird Film for Commercial Buildings

Bird Film for Commercial Buildings2024-01-18T16:19:18-06:00

Bird Film

Protecting Birds and Your Property

Our film is designed to prevent bird collisions with windows and glass, which not only can harm birds, but also damage property, and disrupt business operations.

Lower Bird Collisions by

Up to 90%

Did you know?

Bird strikes can be prevented

Our bird films offer a proactive and preventative option with numerous benefits: 

  • Protection of Birds: As birds fly into windows, they often don’t realize that the glass is there. Bird Film provides a visible barrier that makes the windows more noticeable to the birds, reducing the likelihood of strikes.

  • Reducing Property Damage: Bird strikes can cause damage to windows and surrounding property, resulting in costly repairs. Bird Film provides a protective layer, reducing the risk of damage and protecting your investment.

Did you know?

Bird Film has a wide variety of commercial uses

  • Large Buildings: Tall buildings with expansive windows are particularly susceptible to bird strikes. Bird Film can be applied to any size or type of building, from skyscrapers to small storefronts.

  • Corporate and Government Buildings: Office buildings, government facilities, and other high-traffic areas can benefit knowing they are being socially responsible by mitigating bird strikes.

  • Retail Spaces: Retail spaces often have large windows or display cases that are susceptible to bird strikes. Bird Film helps to protect migratory birds in these areas.

Reduce bird strikes on your building.

We have bird films to match your building’s architectural style, and protect both your property and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

We know you might have questions about window film and how it works. Here are some of our most common questions from clients.

What is window film?2023-11-10T10:50:23-06:00

Window film provides specific personal and property protection from the effects of the sun, as well as added safety and security in the events that result in broken glass. It can also be used as a decorative glass addition, adding character and style to any given space. There are many types and constructions of solar control, safety and decorative window films. In their simplest forms, window films are composed of a polyester substrate to which a scratch resistant coating is applied on one side; a mounting adhesive layer and a protective release liner is applied to the other side. When the release liner is removed, the side of the film with the adhesive is applied to the interior surface of the glass.

Is window film applied to the interior or exterior of my windows?2023-11-09T12:52:12-06:00

Typically window films are applied to the interior surface of your windows.There are window films designed to be applied to the exterior of your windows for special circumstances, such as limited access to the interior surface or triple-pane windows.

How long will film last?2023-12-18T14:54:45-06:00

The effective life of window film will vary by the type of film, type of glass, window construction, compass orientation of glass, and in which part of the world the building is located. All quality window films for residential and commercial use are warranted by the film manufacturer. There are documented cases of film lasting 12 to 22 years, or more in some instances.

How should I clean my windows after film is applied?2023-12-09T15:02:08-06:00

Windows with film applied are easily cleaned without damage to their appearance as long as a few common-sense guidelines are followed:

  1. Use a soft clean cloth, soft paper towel, or clean synthetic sponge.
  2. Use a soft cloth for drying the window.
  3. Use any ammonia free glass cleaning solution that contains no abrasive materials.

The availability of scratch-resistant coatings as a standard feature of quality films has virtually eliminated the need for extra special precautions in cleaning.

Will window film kill my plants?2023-12-09T15:02:25-06:00

In most cases, if a house plant is already receiving adequate light the use of window film will not harm it. New growth or flowering may be delayed and, for a few days, a plant may go into a state of shock while it adjusts to the light change. If a particular plant normally wilts by the end of a sunny day, it will actually thrive better with film installed. Although there are some obvious guidelines in determining what effect, if any, window film will have on a plant (for instance, dark green plants need less light than lighter coloured ones), there is one sample test which can be done prior to film installation: Move the plant to an area with less sunlight for a few days. In addition, most nurseries or local agriculture agencies can advise you as to whether a particular plant needs maximal or minimal light.

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